An update from our Stewart, our Group CEO, August 2020

As we start, very cautiously, to move a little closer to what we once called ‘normal’, I wanted to give you another update from across the British Engineering Services Group.  Keeping both our people and our customers updated continues to be important to me and my Exec Team and we’ve worked hard to make sure we always have plenty to tell you about.

Firstly, I’m delighted to share that we are a proud recipient of a Princess Royal Training Award for 2020.  It was fantastic to receive this news.  We worked hard to ensure our application really brought to life everything we’re doing on the training front.  We’ve made significant progress in this area since becoming British Engineering Services and getting acknowledged for this formally is just the icing on the cake.

The timing of this award could not be better, with every week bringing us closer to the opening of our new training centre.  It’s amazing to see our plans being brought to life and, again, we’re grateful to everyone involved for helping make sure we haven’t had to take our foot off the gas with this over recent months.  We worked hard to find a location that really suits our needs and I am convinced it was worth the effort, this is definitely the place for us.  The space is fantastic and our people will undoubtedly benefit from spending time here as they progress their career with us. Again, safety will continue to be our number one priority and the layout will easily allow the most extensive training, from some of the most skilled industry experts, at a safe distance.

We have spent the last few weeks talking about The Paul Forrester Training Centre internally and the excitement of our people is unreal!  This is a huge investment in the future of the British Engineering Services Group and a real sign of things to come for our company.

Our focus will always sit firmly on the safety of our people and our customers, regardless of the circumstances.  We’re proud to be giving you the service you deserve, with no compromise, ever.  And we’re even prouder of the fantastic British Engineering Services team who continue to pull out all the stops to help make sure we can achieve this.  I’ve said it before, we really do have the very best people working for us and I am grateful to each of every one of them for their hard work and ‘can do’ attitude.

Providing you with a consistently brilliant service, albeit in a slightly different way as we adhere to government guidelines around social distancing and PPE etc, will remain high on our agenda.  Whether it’s your routine inspections or specialist testing work as you re-open your business after a period of downtime, we’re here to help make sure nothing is left to chance.

Our independence as a business has always been something we’ve been extremely proud of.  For British Engineering Services, being able to make a decision, change our ways of working, enhance our systems, and so much more, so quickly is just one of the many things that stands us above the rest.  The ability to do this while navigating the challenges of the last few months has been particularly beneficial for our business. We’ve been able to flex around your needs, to not only keep you safe and operational now, but ensure we continue to do so as more and more businesses come back online.

This, coupled with our innovative approach, has really kept us moving forward and we’re delighted to be working with new businesses all the time.  For our broker partners, our focus on eTrading is as important as ever.  It’s our job to make our services as easy for you and your clients to access as possible and we take this very seriously.  From continually building on our Acturis offering to introducing more and more new initiatives, we’ve got it covered.

Finally, as we continue to focus on our future, we’re looking for even more people to join our team.  It’s not just a numbers game for us, our approach to recruitment means we only ever employ people with the same attitude, aptitude and appetite for what we do.  It means our team will always consist of the very best people, something else we are very proud of.  By the end of the year, we will have welcomed 60 new people across the Group in 2020 alone.  This speaks for itself and really is the result of lots of hard work from lots of people.

To all of our customers, brokers and partners, thank you once again for your ongoing loyalty and support.  We will continue doing everything we can to make sure you and your people all get home safely every day, you have my word.