Our History

With over 150 years’ experience in engineering compliance, our company is built on the strongest foundations that date as far back as the Testing, Inspections and Certification industry itself.
British Engineering Services has come a long way in over the years when our ancestors took the first steps in engineering inspection. Since those early days, we have been through many transformations. We have changed our name, merged with other businesses and been incorporated into much larger organisations. Moving from RSA, one of the world’s leading insurance groups and a FTSE 100 company in 2015 saw the birth of our British Engineering Services as we know if today, once again becoming an independent and privately owned company.
The British Engineering Services name comes from deep within our history with the first use of British and Engine in our title dating far back as the early 1900’s.
During our lengthy evolution, one thing has stayed the same.  Keeping people safe has always been our priority and everything we do is with this at the forefront of our minds.
We’re proud to have evolved into the successful company we are today, a contemporary British company with integrity and passion for what we do.